Ysmary Trejo


Start Date: March 2010

Ministry at Farm: Program Director

Education: Instituto Universitario Nuevas Profesiones (Caracas, Venezuela); B.A. Business Administration

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Personally, in my first year of sharing in the community life of the Farm in my role as Program Director, I have felt an inner transformation, a strengthening of my own commitment of faith and service.  After passing through a period of serious health issues and still, today, being in the healing process, I have felt the reaffirmation of my faith and my vocation of service to the mission of Farm of the Child.   Even when the dark night of our existence takes us by surprise, that night is illuminated by the transfiguration and the Resurrection.  I am joyful because God lead me to the Farm so that I could see that ardent work that has been done, and continues to be done by many hands, bears fruit.  God provides us with the spirit of service in order to bring opportunities to our community through life’s transformations and through His own Resurrection.