Kevin Kuehl

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Start Date: October 2011

End Date: December 2013

University: Georgetown University

Year Graduated: 2011

Ministry at Farm: Teacher – Middle School Science


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Why did you decide to serve the mission at Farm of the Child?  
Over the past few years, I felt called to a life of service after college.  Several time in passing I heard about the Farm of the Child and didn’t really think much of it–kind of put it on the back burner if you know what I mean.  As I looked through the websites bookmarked under my “PostGrad” tab, I came across the Finca.  I read through the material on the website and I was totally blown away by what I read.  I was truly moved.  I felt a sense of joy and consolation bubbling up inside of me.  The Finca was just what I was looking for:  A community of service and self-giving centered in Christ and guided by His love.  Farm Missionaries had what I desired, and I have been advised that when one’s desires align with the world’s needs that is one’s vocation.

What do you hope to experience through your ministry at Farm of the Child?    
During my time at the Farm, I hope to find the freedom to let my heart be broken, that is, to be vulnerable.  I think that is loving.  I hope that I can give and receive.  I hope that I can be open.  I know I won’t change the world, but maybe I can love.  I hope.

What are you most excited about/nervous for as you prepare to arrive at the Farm? 
As I prepare for the Farm, I am most excited about being a part of a community.  I know that those who have done the Farm in the past remind new missionaries that this can be one of the most challenging aspects of Farm life; nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to it.  I want to share, to work together, and to pray together.  I hope that we can be the image of the Body of Christ.  That’s a big deal, and I guess that makes me kind of nervous.