Katherine Cross

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Start Date: October 2012

End Date: December 2014

University: Minnesota State University Moorhead

Year Graduated: 2010

Ministry at Farm: TBD upon arrival in October 2012

Blog: http://www.kitcross.blogspot.com/

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Why did you decide to serve the mission at Farm of the Child?

About a year after graduation and working in the “real world” I felt that I really needed a change. During college I had spent a semester studying abroad and traveling. This really put the “bug” in me to experience as much of this beautiful world as possible. I wanted to do more than just travel though. I’ve seen how much of the world is in need of some of the most basics things we take for granted. So combining my love for travel and cultures along with wanting to serve and needing a change I began to pray for guidance in finding a program. I then came across an old brochure I had about The Farm and it seemed perfect. At the time of applying I had no reason not to go so I sort of said well, why not and put it in God’s hands. However, the more I looked into the program and prayed about whether this was something I could commit to the more I really felt God calling me to go. The decision wasn’t easy, afterall it is a 2 1/2 year commitment, but God really put the right people in my life at the right time who helped me see this is something I need to do. Beyond being something I feel I need to do, I feel my service is something others need of me.

What do you hope to experience through your ministry at Farm of the Child?

I don’t really know yet what God has in store for my time at The Farm. However, I hope that God will use me to accomplish even the smallest of change in the lives of the children. I hope to grow much more in my faith and love for the lord. I hope the time there will be filled with many graces that I’ll need later in life. I hope to learn many new skills that I can use later in life, particularly being fluent in Spanish.

What are you most excited about/nervous for as you prepare to arrive at the Farm?

I am most excited about meeting all the children and my fellow teammates. I am also excited to live in another part of the world and be immersed in another culture. I am most nervous about the bugs and the sun. Being a fair-skinned redhead who rarely sees the daylight even now I am certain I will burn to a crisp as soon as I step off the plane. I am very excited to learn so many new skills, try new foods, stand on the beach and swim in the ocean. I am a bit nervous that I won’t pick up on the language quick enough or fully. I look forward to living with so many others who share a common goal and will help me grow in my faith. I really look forward to sharing my stories and experiences with everyone back home.