Curtis Tripp

Curtis Tripp

Start Date: October 2013

End Date: December 2015

University: University of Notre Dame

Year Graduated: 2012

Ministry at Farm: TBD


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Why did you decide to serve the mission at Farm of the Child?

My wife, Noelle, and I have been discerning our call to serve at the Farm for a long time now. Even before we were married, we were each contemplating service as single missionaries. Throughout these past few years, I have only grown more certain of my desire to serve, specifically at the Farm, because it exemplifies what I believe it means to live out the Christian faith. When I first read the pillars of the Farm–spirituality, service, community, and simpicity–I realized that they articulated the core priorities that I strive to live out. While visiting the Farm with Noelle on our honeymoon, I was further drawn in by the way that the culture encourages us to be fully present to those around us, yet also set aside time for prayer and reflection.  I am excited for us to join this community, and believe that our years at the Farm will be a time of invaluable personal and spiritual formation for each of us and for our marriage together.

What do you hope to experience through your ministry at Farm of the Child?

First and foremost, I hope to learn to better love and serve others. I hope to grow in humility, to learn from those around me and to recognize the many ways in which they are also serving me. I hope to continue building the foundation of a marriage and family centered on Christ that will endure long after Noelle and I return from the Farm. I plan to fully open myself up to the mission and community of the Farm, and I hope to be forever changed by the relationships and experiences that I find there.

What are you most excited about/nervous for as you prepare to arrive at the Farm?

I am most excited to get to know the children and our fellow community members, and to begin building those relationships. I am probably most nervous about having to do so almost entirely in Spanish, but hopefully that will have changed by the end of language school!