Ashley Dobson

Ashley Dobson 220x300

Start Date: October 2011

End Date: December 2013

University: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Year Graduated: 2009

Ministry at Farm: Nurse

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Why did you decide to serve the mission at Farm of the Child?
I chose to serve the mission at Farm of the Child because it is a very nurturing organization for the children it serves and it provides them with necessary skills for them to be independent and productive people. I also admire the spiritual aspect of the organization and that it is a Christ centered community which places a great importance for the children to grow with sound Christian morals and values.

What do you hope to experience through your ministry at Farm of the Child?
I hope to better understand what it means to live simply and the social injustices for those who live in a third world country. I also hope to help meet the medical needs of this community and to grow in my relationship with Christ while at Farm of the Child.

What are you most excited about/nervous for as you prepare to arrive at the Farm?
I am most excited about forming relationships with the people at Farm of the Child and the people in the surrounding communities. I am also very excited to grow with Christ. I am most nervous about my Spanish language skills!