Allison Zilka

Allison Zilka

Start Date: October 2011

End Date: December 2013

University: Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Year Graduated: 2011

Ministry at Farm: Teacher – Kindergarten


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Why did you decide to serve the mission at Farm of the Child?
I felt a call to service during my senior year. After much prayer and after hearing about the Finca at the FOCUS conference, I realized that I longed for a community that would support me not only in the service, but also in spiritual growth. I was drawn to the FINCA because of its emphasis on simplicity and through the witness of the former volunteers who I met.

What do you hope to experience through your ministry at Farm of the Child?
I hope to experience the love and presence of Jesus Christ alive in each person that I meet on the Farm. I hope to find His love and experience the love that He calls each of us to live in. One thing that really drew me to the Farm was the witness of both current and former volunteers and how they would talk about the Farm and the family they found there. I hope to experience that same sense of family and love.

What are you most excited about/nervous for as you prepare to arrive at the Farm?
I am most excited about meeting the missionaries and the children! I am excited about working and living in the spirituality of the Farm. I am most nervous about feeling tired and waking up super early every day–I am also nervous that once I get my job, I’ll have no idea what I’m doing!