Wish List

The Farm of the Child has an Ongoing Need for Donated Supplies.

If you can provide material donations, please email Andrea McMerty-Brummer at andrea@farmofthechild.org for shipping instructions. Below is a list of our current needs by department.

Due to difficulties with customs fees, farm of the child is currently unable to receive shipments of in-kind donations of goods. We will be updating this section of the website to allow for sponsorship of needed items for purchase within Honduras. Thank you your patience and understanding.

Wish List:
•    Pencil sharpeners (not electric)
•    Spanish dictionaries (not English/Spanish)
•    Lined Paper (college rule or wide rule)
•    Chalk (standard thin, white or colored)
•    Brooms
•    Mops
•    Large Garbage Cans
•    Croquet Set
Social Work
•    Black printer cartridges (HP 74 or HP 74 x L)
•    Standard 8 ½ x 11 white printer paper
•    Photo frames
•    Boys’ and girls’ clothing, ages 4-16
•    Board games in Spanish
•    Books for adolescents
•   Coloring books and journals
•    Boys cargo shorts, sizes 10-14 or waist 28
•    Boys swimming trunks, board shorts, soccer shorts, sizes 10-14 or waist 28
Adolescent Program
•    DVD’s appropriate for a teenage audience
•    ½ inch binders (50 if possible)
•    Legal size hanging folders
•    File cabinet
•    Children’s multi vitamins
•    Lice shampoo
•    Laptop computer
•    Ibprofen
•    Self adhesive labels (2 inch x 1 inch)
•    Auto Clave Sterility Monitor Strips
•    Chem Strips (urine analysis)
•    4 x 4 gauze
•    Tooth brushes
•    Philip’s Screw drivers
•    Ceiling Fans for our children’s bedrooms
•    Rope – 100 foot long, to tie down tarps to cover things in event of hurricanes or other weather issues
•    Hammers
•    Energy saving lightbulbs (any wattage)
•    12 pairs of head phones
•    Burn DVD (DVD–R and DVD-RW)
•    Printer Cartridges
•    Epson 78 – black
•    Epson T060120 – black