The Finca is my family

Farm of the Child

The Finca is my family

By Joel Álvarez Menocal, a child of the Finca

Here I am, pen in hand
with paper anxiously waiting
for the quill’s fine point
to scratch across its skin.

Once again, it asks,
“What will you say to me today?
What will you tell me?”
The pen takes life in my hand
and I begin to write… Read more →

My father, Vincent Pescatore

Vincent-Zulena 1

As we remember the life and death of Vincent Pescatore on the 16th anniversary of his death (1/3/1996), we remember that Vincent was not only a missionary and a servant of God, but a husband and a father.  In this reflection, his daughter, Pamela, honors her hero – her father.

I want to give recognition to the person who inspired me to give my best every day. A brilliant man who took advantage of every second of his life and fought to achieve his goals, he found true happiness in life with his compassionate heart and always had not one hand but both to help those in need. Read more →