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Farm of the Child

Farm of the Child is NOW HIRING for a Clinical Services Coordinator.

Coordinator of Clinical Services Job Annoucement

The role of the Coordinator of Clinical Services is to supervise the Clinical Team so that Finca del Niño can realize its mission to “care for needy children and promote the development of a productive society of devout Christians.”  The clinical coordinator will oversee missionaries and Honduran staff in the areas of Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Family Life and the Adolescent Program, ensuring that clear communication exists among all parties. S/he will lead the Clinical Team and will help each social worker and psychologist develop individual treatment plans for children, provide weekly supervision, and ensure execution of treatment plans.  A successful candidate will be a trained and licensed psychologist or social worker, practicing Christian, have lived in a Latino culture or Latin America, and be fully fluent in Spanish (English proficiency preferred but not required). This person shall be accountable to and report to the Director of Finca del Niño.

Primary Responsibilities:

Clinical Services

To lead and direct the integral healing process for each child in the care of Finca del Niño

  • Ensure quality therapeutic care to the children and residents of Finca del Niño, in compliance with local laws, statutes, the Honduran Código de la Niñez, and Finca del Niño policies and procedures
  • Provide therapy to children with greatest needs
  • Lead weekly and ad hoc Clinical Team meetings
  • Assist Clinical Team in analyzing and resolving case issues
  • Oversee the prompt completion of clinical assessments for each child, conducting and/or coordinating with external professionals when necessary
  • Oversee the development and execution of individual treatment plans
  • Review cases to evaluate progress and make clinical recommendations
  • Contribute to and maintain standard protocols and procedures of Finca del Niño


Provide clinical supervision, guidance, and professional development

  • Provide clinical team supervision to full-time missionary staff of social workers and psychologists
  • Evaluate effectiveness of services and in collaboration with staff, devise improved techniques of implementation consistent with ethical standards and evidence-based practices
  • Meet individually with each social worker and psychologist to promote continuous individual and Clinical Team improvement and to approve weekly case notes
  • Meet regularly with the Director and the Coordinator of Family Life to jointly monitor safety and clinical process within family homes
  • Oversee the implementation of appropriate training programs for all employees and missionary staff to support clinical services


Facilitate the appropriate flow of information and feedback in order to optimize clinical services provided

  • Meet regularly with area Coordinators of Family Life, Education, and Spiritual Life to share information and integrate clinical processes across all areas of the children’s lives
  • Compose quarterly updates to Director of Finca del Niño and Integral Protection Committee of Farm of the Child USA
  • Communicate organizational needs and resource deficiencies to the Director
  • Collaborate with two existing external consultants to ensure smooth and effective transition of recent clinical initiatives
  • Ensure thorough and complete record-keeping and case notes by Clinical Team

Requirements/Minimum Qualifications:

Masters degree or higher in Psychology, Social Work, or other child welfare-related field (or equivalent experience)

  • Professional license or certification (may be temporarily lapsed)
  • 5+ years professional experience working with children
  • 2+ years experience writing clinical assessments and treatment plans, and some supervisory experience
  • Understanding and utilization of clinical treatment models, such as Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, and Psychotherapy

Practicing Christian

  • Embrace the mission of the project
  • Be willing and able to live, defend, and promote the community pillars of Finca del Niño (spirituality, simplicity, community and service)
  • Open to working with Religious, missionaries, and staff in a strongly Catholic setting; prior experience in such an environment preferred, but not required

Cultural Awareness

  • Has lived inLatin America or Latino communities
  • Serve as a positive role model for the children of Finca del Niño at all times
  • Ability to relate well to the diverse members of the Finca del Niño community

 Fully fluent and professionally proficient in Spanish, native speaker preferred

English proficiency a plus, but not required

Able to commit to position for a minimum of 3 years

Has a valid driver’s license

 Final candidates must submit to a criminal background check and drug screening as a prerequisite for the being considered for the position.


Commensurate with experience  

 Desired Start Date:

On or before September 1, 2013

 Application information available at

For more information please contact Andrea McMerty-Brummer at or 727-475-4459

Interested candidates should please submit a resume and cover letter to

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